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This is your invitation to advertise in the Iowa Bandmaster, the official publication of the Iowa Bandmasters Association. Our professionally printed magazine is specifically for the school band director, the person who wants to know more about YOUR products and services! We consider the Iowa Bandmaster to be the finest state publication of its kind. The Iowa Bandmaster maintains a circulation of over 1000 directors in Iowa and throughout the nation.

The Iowa Bandmaster is published four times a year, about four weeks after the copy deadline. The Conference issue is in the hands of our members prior to our Annual Conference in May.

Copy deadlines are as follows:

Summer Issue - June 9, 2017

Fall Issue - October 6, 2017

Winter Issue - January 5, 2018

Spring/Conference Issue - March 2, 2018


Advertisements can be added on the side bar of the Iowa Bandmaster Website. Ads will be on a rotating basis to allow equal visibility. If you place an ad in the Iowa Bandmaster Magazine, we will give you one free website ad (text only, including a link to your website). You will also have the option to place an advertisement on the IBA Website for minimal extra cost! Paid ads can include graphics. See the Advertising Rates page for details.

Cooperation between school music directors and the music industry is more important than ever today as we work to maintain quality music programs. We thank those of you who have advertised with us in the past and look forward to working with you again. We also welcome those who will be joining us for the first time. Those of you who advertise in consecutive issues within our publication year and keep your account in good standing will receive a 3-4% discount per issue off of the base rate, PLUS 1 free website ad (sidebar w/text). The web ad can include a link to your website.

Be sure to check out the 4 Issue Special on the Advertising Rates Page!!

If you wish to advertise with us, please fill out and return the enclosed order form. All ad copy (PDF format) should be sent to me by the deadline dates. Please see page two for ad rates, page specifications and other information. You will receive a complimentary copy of the magazine and will be billed shortly after each issue has been published.



Chad Allard

IBA Advertising Manager

Office: (319) 558-4602

Home: (319) 550-6109

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Forms and Documents

Information you will find here to download includes:

Membership Card

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 Outstanding Administrator Award   - 

Here is the link for the Outstanding Administrator Award for the IBA website.  Principals will receive a notification e-mail of their nomination once the form is submitted.  

Award of Merit

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SAI Scholarship Form

Hall of Fame Award

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Karl King Distinguished Service Award

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Major Landers Scholarship Award


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 IBA Deadlines Card

Change of District Form

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Elections/ Officer Candidate Form

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Student Chapter Constitution

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IBA Magazine Advertising Price Sheet

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Find forms specific to mentoring on the Mentorship link in the "Resources" menu

Newsletters and Meeting Reports

President's newsletter

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Summer Meeting Report


On a Mission Articles

On A Mission - Part I.pdf
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On A Mission - Part II.pdf
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91st Annual IBA Conference

May 9 - 12, 2018

Des Moines Marriott Downtown

700 Grand Avenue

Des Moines, Iowa  50309