Major Landers Candidate Registration Form
  2. This scholarship in memory of Major George W. Landers, was established, and is sponsored and maintained by the Iowa Bandmaster Association. The scholarship is designed to help a promising Iowa high school senior to meet his/her financial needs in preparing for a career in band music education at an Iowa college or university. The first Major Landers scholarship was awarded to Harvey Solberger in 1956.
  3. Each of the six districts in Iowa hold preliminary auditions. The 1st place winner in each district will then be eligible for the state Major Landers scholarship competition. The state competition is held on the Friday of the annual Iowa Bandmasters Association Conference in May at the Marriott Hotel in Des Moines. Both the district and the state auditions include a solo performance, sight reading session, a theory test and an interview. Band directors from around the state are chosen as competition judges.
    The first place winner in each district must be available to participate in the state IBA Major Landers finals scholarship competition in Des Moines in May during the annual IBA conference. If they are unable to participate the district’s 2nd place winner will represent the district.

    The state IBA Major Landers scholarship amounts are as follows:
    1st place - $2000
    2nd place - $1500
    3rd-6th place finalists - $1000
    In addition to the scholarship, the state winner will perform at the IBA banquet on the Friday evening of the scholarship competition.
    Potential candidates should check with their band director for information about audition dates and guidelines for your district.
    If you need further information, please contact the state Major Landers scholarship chair:

    Diane Tordoff - email
    Chariton Middle School
    1300 N. 16th Street
    Chariton, IA 50049
  5. Dear Major Landers Candidate, Please submit your registration form here. APPLICATION DEADLINE DECEMBER 1, 2019.
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    Please attach a biography using the following format in third person. (example: John Doe attends Knee High School and enjoys participating in music, drama and track. He also spends 5 hours a week as a volunteer at the local animal shelter and works as a part-time waiter at the Grounds Up Coffee Shop.) Paragraph 1: demographics - who you are, where you're from, educational and work highlights, etc. Paragraph 2:highlights of musical activities and honors Paragraph 3: why you are pursuing a degree in music education or why you want to teach instrumental music. Your biography will be considered as part of the audition and used for publicity at the state level.
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    1. The solo need not be memorized
    2. Know the common music terminology
    3. Be prepared to write scales, including major and all 3 forms of minor
    4. Know the simple elements of harmony and theory
    5. Understand the transposition relative to band instruments: what keys the various instruments play in the given concert pitch, and be able to transpose common transpositions for your own instrument, e.g. horn from Eb to F
    6. Know alternate fingerings and positions for your instrument
    7. Be able to read at sight, accurately and musically. Percussionists will be required to sight read on two of the three main areas (snare drum, timpani, mallet keyboards)
    8. Eligible band instruments for the solo competition include: flute family, oboe, clarinet family, bassoon, saxophone family, trumpet, cornet, horn, trombone, euphonium (baritone), tuba, percussion (snare drum, timpani, mallet keyboards).
    9. The applicant must plan to major in music education at an Iowa college or university, with the intention of becoming a school band director.
    Please do not submit until all materials are complete.
    Application deadline is DECEMBER 1, 2019.
  27. Submit to IBA Major Landers Chair