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    Iowa Bandmasters Conference

    Our annual conference provides an outstanding professional learning opportunity... A great time to connect and network with colleagues and hear some wonderful music!

  • Mentoring

    We participate in the IAAE Arts Mentor Program serving beginning band directors with mentors.



    Our retired directors are active participants in our organization... Providing mentoring and leadership.

  • IBA magazine

    Iowa Bandmaster Magazine

    Published quarterly

Operations Manual

Article Index

(elected by IBA membership - three year term) (updated 2013)

1. Publish the Iowa Bandmaster Magazine four times per year (summer, fall, winter,
and conference).
2. Serve on the IBA Board of Directors.
3. Oversee the printing of IBA materials including the president’s newsletter, IBA directory, stationary, etc…
4. Coordinate information from the IBA president concerning the conference magazine issue.
5. Oversee the solicitation of advertisers for the magazine.
6. Collect a variety of articles concerning instrumental music education.
7. Report contest results.
8. Publish concert programs that have been received.
9. Travel to the printing company (currently in Pella) and oversee the printing
of the magazine.
10. This office receives an honorarium.
11. The lodging and banquet ticket for the IBA Conference is provided by IBA.
12. Attend all IBA business meetings and submit a report.

92nd Annual IBA Conference

May 8 - 11, 2019

Des Moines Marriott Downtown

700 Grand Avenue

Des Moines, Iowa  50309