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    Our annual conference provides an outstanding professional learning opportunity... A great time to connect and network with colleagues and hear some wonderful music!

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    We participate in the IAAE Arts Mentor Program serving over 50 first and second year band directors each year.



    Our retired directors are active participants in our organization... Providing mentoring and leadership.

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Operations Manual

(appointed by Board of Directors) (updated 9/1/12 by Jerry Bertrand)

1. Send nomination information for the offices of President-Elect, the Karl King Distinguished Service Awards, both active and retired, and the IBA Hall of Fame   to the IBA webmaster to be posted on the IBA website. (Summer)
2. Compile and edit the biographical information with pictures of the candidates for publication in the Winter Issue of the Iowa Bandmaster Magazine (January).
3. If there are 4 or more candidates for the office of President-elect, a first round ballot must be sent to the membership. The three candidates with the most votes will then be on the final ballot. (February).
4. Ballots are mailed from Pella Printing and include the top three candidates for the office of President-elect; confirmations approval for the offices of Secretary, Treasurer and IBA Magazine (one position per year on a three year cycle) and the Karl King Service award candidates (March). 

5. Gather and tabulate the ballots (April).
6. Contact IBA President and candidates of the election results. (April)
7. Contact IBA Secretary with the election results for proper banquet ticket orders. Inform the IBA member in charge of plaques of the names of the Karl King active and retired winners. (April)
8. Inform the IBA membership of the winner of the office of President-Elect in a general e-mail. (April).
9. Submit a report at the Friday IBA Conference Business meeting with a breakdown of the votes cast for each office as well as the total number of votes cast.
10. Inform the IBA President and the Board of Directors of the specific number of votes received by each candidate. This information is not to be published in the IBA Magazine.
11. Present the winner of the Karl King Distinguished Service Awards at the Friday evening banquet.                                                                                                                                           

12. The Elections Chair receives a complimentary IBA conference banquet ticket.
13. Present any candidates for the IBA Hall of Fame in written form (including bios) to the IBA Board of Directors and Advisory Board at the summer IBA business meeting.
13. Submit a report at the Summer, Fall and Conference Meetings.

91st Annual IBA Conference

May 9 - 12, 2018

Des Moines Marriott Downtown

700 Grand Avenue

Des Moines, Iowa  50309