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    Our annual conference provides an outstanding professional learning opportunity... A great time to connect and network with colleagues and hear some wonderful music!

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    We participate in the IAAE Arts Mentor Program serving over 50 first and second year band directors each year.



    Our retired directors are active participants in our organization... Providing mentoring and leadership.

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Operations Manual

(chair appointed by the president – selected from the membership of the committee)

1. Oversee the implementation of the IBA Mentorship program (in cooperation with IAAE mentor program) that involves the identification of new band directors in each district and appointing experienced IBA members to serve as mentors.
2. Gather information from the district chairpersons by September 1.
3. Stay in close contact with first-year teachers and their mentors (telephone, letter, email) throughout the year.
4. Contact the college supervisors of first-year teachers and inform them of the mentorship program.
5. Contact the IBA Student Affairs Chair and College Affairs chair and inform them of the mentorship program and garner their assistance in informing college instrumental music education students of the mentorship program.
6. Consider informing all administrators and school boards throughout Iowa of the mentorship program.
7. To organize, promote and facilitate the instrumental portion of the New Director’s
Fall Symposium Workshop.

8. Schedule and prepare an agenda for at least 2 meetings of the IBA Mentorship committee (All-State Music Festival and IBA Conference are recommended).

9. Committee members are selected by each district to serve a staggered 3-year term. Each committee member may serve a maximum of two consecutive three-year terms.

10. Attend all IBA business meetings and submit a report.

Mentorship Committee Mission/Purpose Statement
The purpose of the Iowa Bandmaster’s Association Mentorship Committee is to facilitate a positive and successful experience for first-year and new to Iowa Band Directors through the benefit of mentors.

1. To identify first-year and new to Iowa band directors

2. To assign local experienced band directors as "active" mentors for first-year and new to Iowa band directors.
3. To assign IBARD band directors to first year band directors if requested. 

4. Provide assistance through both active and observation mentors.

91st Annual IBA Conference

May 9 - 12, 2018

Des Moines Marriott Downtown

700 Grand Avenue

Des Moines, Iowa  50309