NWIBA Executive Officers - 2017-2018


President: Joe Vannatta, Washington High School, Cherokee

Vice-President: Cliff St. Clair, Sheldon High School

Secretary: Corbet Butler, Alta-Aurelia High School

Treasurer: Colleen Hecht, Storm Lake High School

Immediate Past-President: Tiffany Wurth, Woodbury Central CSD, Moville


NWIBA Appointed Positions


Membership Chair: Jody Ingwersen, Okoboji Middle School

Historian: Casey Kingdon, Cherokee Middle School


The office of Secretary will be voted on and elected at the May meeting (Iowa Bandmasters Conference). This is a progressive office. This Board shall assume new offices at the conclusion of the annual Iowa Bandmasters Association Conference, with the exception of the Treasurer position.  

The Treasurer position shall be a three year position that is not progressive and will be voted on and elected at the May Meeting every three years.  The Treasurer position’s term shall commence on each calendar year divisible by three, i.e. 2012, 2015, etc.  The Treasurer position will not have term limits.

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